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Limousine Hire has become very popular and with the coming of the internet everybody can now afford to hire a Limousine, it is not just for the rich and famous any more which is a Good Thing and has made Limousine And Chauffeur Hire including Wedding Car Hire Very Affordable.

Prom Season is upon Us make sure you book a Limousine with a reputable company and check that their Chauffeurs are all CRB Checked like this Company Stretched 4 u, that have been around a Very long Time Trading for some 20 Years now so you know you are Guaranteed to to be booking with the right company

Black Hummer Hire

14 Seat Black Hummer


This Company have a Affray of Limousines to Hire from Stretched Hummers to Lincoln Stretched Town Cars To Wedding Cars including Vintage Cars for all tastes.

Black Stretched Limousine


This company are taking a lot of Bookings every day so if you want to use their services then book early to avoid disappointment in hiring their services.

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  1. Roy Johnson says:

    The staff and our driver were absolutely wonderful and accommodating.

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  4. Debbie Harrison says:

    Brilliant service and friendly driver. Excellent, I’d recommend these to anyone. Thanks for making my husbands birthday special

  5. Thanks for sharing useful article

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