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Wedding Cars 1st Class Cars has a selection of beautiful wedding cars for your special day, including a Bentley Arnage, Mercedes Benz S Class,Bmw 7 Series, Limousines, We Can Also Supply Vintage Cars On Request. We understand how important it is that things run smoothly on your big day and we promise to provide a professional and reliable service so that you can focus on enjoying the momentous occasion.

All Our Vehicles Are Supplied With Ribbons And Bows To The Colours Of Your Choice And Complimentry Champagne Is Also Providided.

Our experienced and courteous chauffeurs will arrive at your door punctually and smartly attired in a traditional driver’s suit and hat. You can relax whilst we transport you in comfort and style to your destination, where you will undoubtedly make an impressive entrance!

Please contact us now for a quotation or call our Wedding Car Phone Line on 08455 555 555 to speak to one of our operators.

Rolls Royce Phantom Available For Weddings From £650.00 Plus Vat Minimum Four Hour Time Slots.

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Wedding Car

Key Steps To Hiring A Wedding Car For Your Wedding Day

You've gone through all the steps to create the bliss and wonder of your wedding day, but have you found the right wedding car to hire for those special moments after the ceremony? It's almost time to get everything together and you want to hire the right wedding car to add to the splendor and charm of your overall plan of love and marriage. You want this car to look good on camera and in photos that will show off the moment when you review them with your family and friends later on when you reflect on that wedding day.

The hiring of a wedding car is something that must be planned out even from the details of the day. Do you know what the forecast will be for the day you plan to marry that special someone? You want to select a car that will compliment that day whether it's rain or shine. The selection of your car must be planned into every little seasonal factor that can affect how your day of matrimony will flow in contrast to weather issues. Make sure that whoever you hire as a wedding car company is one that can manage and oversee this in the event there are sudden changes that you have no control over in order to keep that day romantic and special. If you need a car that has a convertible top, you better make sure that sweet little car you hired for your wedding day is in good standings when it comes to needing to shield yourselves from the rain.

Are you looking for a classic car to hire for your wedding day? If so, this is critical as well to note so that you don't end up with the wrong type of car for you and that special someone, family, and friends. Do your due diligence and make sure that beautiful old car can do the job when it comes to complimenting your special requests on your wedding day. I don't think it would go over too well if the classic car shows up to be a clunker that has rusty screeching doors, or ends up leaving you along the side of the road because it wouldn't crank up. Make sure all the parts are nice and clean so that you don't get things like wax, grease, or other stain making substances on the dream dress your special someone picked out.Trust me when I tell you that it would not be good to go through such a thing when you can try to handle these issues before hand by hiring the right wedding car for the job of keeping you and your honey excited and pleased on your wedding day.

Understand exactly what size of a car you will need to hire on your wedding day as well. You may need a bigger vehicle that can accommodate things like the amount of people actually riding in the car during your wedding day. Think through who will be the people you want to travel in your car to after ceremony events like your reception, or events you have planned out for parties with the wedding party. Whatever that needs to be, you have to make sure there is enough room for all of those individuals so that you keep the flow of your day running as flawless as possible. Be certain that you account for even the style of dresses that will be worn and whether these will be able to sit in the car you hire for your wedding day as well.

Will you need certain types of champagnes or other special drinks in the wedding car you wish to hire? Don't get that special moment put on pause because there were no drinks on the long ride you strategically planned out. Let's keep the mood and moment on a special not the whole time by remembering to hire the right company to cater your wedding car event. Be sure the company you hire will guarantee all of these will be ready and chilled for your enjoyment so that the class and prestige for that wedding day remains intact. Perhaps you would like to have some oysters, cheese and crackers, or other special treats in the wedding car you hire for personal enjoyment as you travel or ride. Finding a company that is in the business of planning out these special arrangements for a wedding day is critical so that it turns out the way you planned.

How many wedding cars will you need to have available when you are putting every one that will be traveling together. You may wish to have an exclusive car for you and the sweetheart and allow the wedding party to follow in other cars you have hired. Do yourself a favor and hire the same car company for all cars you will need on your wedding day. This will help to keep unwanted details like lack of communication causing you to be taken off course of your day. Let's not think of the detriment of having a car company not arrive on time for specific details that can't be changed like a plane trip you planned for your honeymoon. Sometimes you can't get certain tickets refunded or changed so you have to plan accordingly so that all of these factors are considered when planning those high detailed travel arrangements out to your romantic hideaway.

Take all the time you need and consider all the real details that will help bring your wedding day to a sweet success. You want to make this day special and hiring the right wedding car to assist you in doing so is critical for the flow of the travel portions of your plans. Hire a car that will make you look good and impress your special someone is not one those details you want to take for granted and overlook. Follow the guidelines above and you will be able to eliminate many problems when hiring your car for your wedding day.

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Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phamtom

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Hi Stretched 4 u I would Just Like To say What A Lovely Evening We Had,Your Bentley Arnage Is A Buitifull Car Many Thanks For a Wonderfull Evening My Friends Where well impressed Regards Tina Taylor Fulham London