Cheap Limo Hire Surrey

Cheap Limo Hire Surrey

Cheap Limo Hire Surrey, Cruise around in our limo with your family to the Chessington world of adventures in Chessington, the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield, and Specky’s Pirate ship in Guildford, beaver zoological gardens in Westerham or The bird world in Farnham and enjoy the luxurious drive without having to shell out a fortune, Cheap limos for hire are now available in Surrey from Stretched 4 U. You may have always been thinking that limos are too expensive and they are not meant for you.

We are happy to be able to prove you wrong and are sure that you too will be happy knowing that you are wrong. Yes, with Stretched 4 U, one of the leading cheap limo companies, you will never have to be worried about the cost. We have made limo hire services reach out to all those who had always thought it to be a very expensive affair.

Hassle free service

Limo Hire Surrey

8 Seat Stretched Limousine Surrey


We will confirm your reservation status within 24 hours and your limo will be at your specified pick up point exactly at the time that you had mentioned. Punctuality has been a habit for our chauffeurs and they are highly trained to deal with customers in the most gentle and amicable manner. They are polite and well mannered besides being proactive. They are highly receptive to the happenings all around and if they get a hint of even the slightest cause of discomfort for you, they will do away with it before you get affected. Be as comfortable as you are in your home when you ride our limos.

Happy customers

Happy customers mean more business. A referral is worth a hundred times than the most impressive advertisement. We are always eager to walk the extra mile to fulfill our customers’ requirements and have always been rewarded for our hard work. Customers keep on coming back to us and we are proud to have a very high rate of customer retention. Our customers are our brand ambassadors. Our customer service is a notch above the others and no matter what time you need us, we are always at your service.

Best deals

With our cheap limo services Surrey, price will never be a deterrent for a limo ride. Our discount vouchers will give you great discounts on the offered rates. The money that you save with the discount vouchers will soon be forgotten as you will get the same top quality service that makes us count. You will not miss out on anything. The same high quality for less money adds more value to the money that you spend.

Great savings

Customers are given vouchers for special leisure offers that can be redeemed at any of the companies participating with us in this scheme. Call on a participating company and tell them that you want to redeem the vouchers for hiring a limo from us. Get treated like a VIP without paying high prices.
Call on us for your requirement without the fear of burning a hole in your pocket. We will make you happy with our cheap surrey limos for hire.

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