Hummer Limos for Hire

Hummer Limos for Hire


Hummer limos for hire is becoming a craze nowadays. Almost every car rental company has Hummers in their fleet to meet popular demand and you may sometimes find it difficult to get the vehicle of your choice due to the rise in demand. With almost everyone loving them, these rugged and bold looking vehicles are gaining iconic status for special occasions. Stretched 4 U is proud in presenting their fleet of limos led by Hummers which is perhaps the last word in entertainment and luxury. Available in both black and white we can provide you a vehicle that matches with any occasion, be it wedding, prom party, hen / stag night, birthday parties or any other celebrations.

The details of our fleet of vehicles and the services can be viewed on our website and you can always ask for quote without any obligation. Fill in the details of your requirement of tell it to us on phone, give us about an hour or two and the quote will be with you. Should you require any refinement or moderation, we will be only too glad to do it. Complete customer satisfaction is our goal and we do not mind reworking the rates till you find it good.

hummer limos for hire

Hummer Limos for wedding

Provide a luxurious and glamorous start to your married life by arriving at your wedding ceremony in stretch limos. Choose us for your requirement of limos for hire and we will cater to your requirement. To avoid the embarrassment of missing out on your choicest vehicle, book well in advance. A Hummer would be just perfect with its spacious and luxurious interior that can house an entire bridal party or if you like it could be for the bride and groom only.

Outstanding service

We are known for our service that is unmatched in the industry. We have the right team of experienced professionals who are highly trained to handle all kinds of situations and are ready to take quick decisions under trying circumstances that helps us to out perform all others in this industry. When you call on us for a Hummer limo for hire, we quickly step into your shoes to comprehend your needs in the best manner. Having done that, we try to figure out your likes and dislikes so that we never trespass into forbidden areas that could be a cause for resentment. The service parameters are set accordingly and personal touches added to increase your comfort level. After you step into our limo, leave the rest on the chauffeur and concentrate on matters of your own.

Unbeatable rates and reliability

Once we know your requirement, the rates that we quote will be the most competitive and economical. You will hardly find other rates anywhere near to what we have quoted. Measured in terms of quality, timeliness and value for money our services will justify the rates that we charge you.

Contact us for the best Hummer service and our friendly team will be happy to answer all your questions. You are our most valued customer and we want you to be with us.

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