Wedding Car Limo Hire

Wedding Car Limo Hire


Wedding Car Limo Hire Stretched 4 U can cater to you requirement of wedding car hire as we are fairly experienced in providing limos for weddings. Classic cars are still a popular choice for wedding transport. They are large enough to accommodate a couple of bridesmaids along with the bride and her flowing gown. Moreover, they add timeless elegance to the event. Sparkling white is mostly preferred for all white fairytale wedding and stylish modern brides would like sleek black cars. We can provide you a car that is big enough to carry your photographer along with you that can result in some marvellous photos along the way.

Follow the trend

The trend is growing for holding the wedding ceremony and the reception at the same venue. This has resulted in shifting the focus from the car the bride will arrive in to the car that will be used by the newly married couple to leave the venue. If you are travelling to your wedding night hotel which could be some distance away or directly to your honeymoon destination, we will provide you with the a luxury limo that is loaded with tasty snacks and comfy blankets, playing soft romantic music.

Personalised touch


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8 Seat Stretched Wedding Limousine


When you use our wedding limo service, you will be overwhelmed by the personal touch that we attach to the services. The car is of course special, but the service is what you will remember us for. We share your sentiments for the day and provide the services that will touch your heart. We will decorate the car in consultation with you so that it matches with your tastes and will even lay out the red carpet for the newly married couple at the reception. Champagne and romantic music of your choice will fill the air on your journey for the most memorable occasion of your life.

Booking your car

Wedding limos are in great demand and we would suggest that you book your wedding limo with your preferred wedding limo service as soon as you firm up the wedding date. The earlier you book the better is the chance of getting the car of your choice that matches with your expectations in all respects. You can log on to our website or call our helpline number to confirm the date but prior to that you can have a look at the car at our place or view it on our website.

Speciality of vehicle

If you are planning to travel in a group with the entire wedding party, it will add fun and enjoyment as well as save you money if you were planning to hire separate cars with drivers. We can provide you our super stretch limousine that can carry tenor more passengers and the vehicle will have a fifth bridal door on the passenger side half way along the length, that makes convenient for all to get in and out of the car.

We have the experience and a history of successful deployment of wedding cars, wedding limousines,including Vintage Wedding Cars and can partner you to make your special day a very big success indeed.

If you would like to know a little more about our Wedding Limo Hire Service then please contact us on or simply telephone us on 08001357442

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