Wedding Car London

Wedding Car London

Wedding Cars London At Stretched 4 U we understand the immense importance of wedding cars and attaching due importance to the fact we are unrelenting in terms of quality and service for wedding car hire in London. The city has its fair share of Wedding car operators, but we can take pride in the high percentage of customers who keep on coming back to us. The pride brings with it the extra responsibility of living up to the high expectations and we are constantly evolving to excel the standards that we have already set. We have the ability and confidence to respect the trust that you place on us and we promise to make life simple for you in your preparations for the grand occasion of your life.

As one of the most reliable companies for wedding car hire London, we can guide you through the process of selection of the wedding car that you can pick up from varied options.

  • Chauffeur driven stretch limousines, Bentleys, Rolls Royce and Jaguars fit the bill for formal and classic weddings. With plenty of space and luxury, these cars are an excellent choice.
  • For traditional or theme based weddings, you can have a horse drawn carriage as the transport for your wedding. But its selection will have to be in sync with the overall wedding plan, because the venues for the ceremony and the reception should be not be too far away.
  • If you want to make a statement by remaining away from tradition and custom, then there is a host of quirky transport ideas ranging from travelling in a motorcycle with a side car or a Cadillac of bright colour.

When to book the car

Depending on the day of the wedding the booking should be done much in advance and though it may sound queer, for Saturday weddings it is better to get the booking done about 18 months in advance. For weddings being held on any other day of the week a notice of 9 to 12 months should suffice. However, if you want to book a number of vehicles with specific colours and models in mind then we advise that the booking be done at least 18 months prior to the occasion.



Wedding Cars London

Pricing modalities

Our vehicles are designated to ply within specific areas and the rates have been worked out accordingly. It is quite possible that some destinations bordering the outer periphery of the operating radius of the vehicles cannot be serviced as the mileage and time has not been factored in the rates. Selection of the vehicle will therefore have to be made by taking into consideration the operating area of the vehicle and the itinerary of the wedding, because the vehicle is not allowed to ply beyond its set limits. Your rate will be the lowest if you or your wedding venue is the closest to the centre of the operating circle.
Arrive at your wedding in a calm and relaxed mind by availing our superlative service that is simply much above the other  wedding cars In London.

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