Wedding Cars in Surrey

Wedding Cars in Surrey

Wedding Car In Surrey Are you seeking transportation of your wedding party? Are you looking for cars that will make the special occasion of your life the most memorable one? Well, Stretched 4 U that is renowned for wedding car hire Surrey has the ability, capacity and desire to serve you with complete satisfaction. You will be provided with the chauffeur driven car of your choice that suits the occasion and receive the most congenial services that can be matched by none other. Cars being an important and integral part of any wedding, our selection of wedding cars includes vintage, classic and America cars.We are a highly respected company for Surrey wedding cars and you can count on us by viewing the wedding car’s testimonial page on our website.

Choosing a wedding car in Surrey

There are many things to be considered leaving aside the cost of the vehicle when choosing a wedding car.

  • Distance – Consider the distance that you have to travel and the time that it could take for the journey. The more is the distance, the better it is to have a car that offers more comfort and convenience. Therefore, selecting a modern car with all amenities like air conditioning for summer or a good heating system for winter should be chosen.
  • Weather – The car that you choose should be capable of keeping you dry in case it rains. Vintage cars should have fully operational hood and there should be provision for fitting side windows to provide some protection.
  • Convertibles – Convertible cars are hot choice for brides due to their looks, but take into factor the possibility of your hairstyle being unsettled by sweeping wind, the last thing that you would like to happen when you arrive for the ceremony. The hood can indeed be used for protection, but does it make sense to pay for a convertible and travel with the hood up all the way?
  • Colour – Despite the popularity of traditional colours like white and ivory, new colours including black is fast moving ahead to take the place of white. Since cars are available in many shades and even two tones, you can match the colour with the colour of your wedding theme, which is possibly ivory or white.

Discounts and privileges

As a premier company for wedding car hire Surrey, we offer special discounts and privileges to our customers. The discounts are offered from other service providers for the occasion like the florist, wedding venues, photographers, hairdressers, musicians, jewellery, videographers, entertainers etc with whom we have tied up for business promotions. Customers are automatically inducted as members of our Privilege Club and are rewarded for booking our vehicles. You save a lot when you partner with Stretched 4 U.

Why choose us

We are renowned for outstanding customer service and are leaders in planning and paying attention to details. The cars that you see on our website are the cars that are actually provided and we provide personalised services that can be tailored t for individuals. We can also arrange for private viewing of vehicles if you desire.

Wedding Cars Surrey

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